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Roofer installing metal roofing materials with a drill
Image showing the peak of a metal roof.

Yellowhammer Roofing installs and repairs metal corrugated & standing seam roof systems. Corrugated metal roofing has strength and longevity benefits to the homeowner. A Metal roof will last 2-3 times the life of a shingle roof and withstand high winds, fire, and hail with ease. The fire safety aspects of corrugated and standing seam roof systems make them easier to insure and offer lifetime savings in insurance premiums.

The special coatings on corrugated metal roof systems offered by Yellowhammer Roofing can bring cost savings in heating and cooling. High reflectivity coatings cut cooling costs by reflecting heat instead of absorbing those sunny rays. Heating benefits are achieved through the standing seam roof system, which helps eliminate heat loss through fewer seams compared to shingle roof systems.

Corrugated metal & standing seam roof systems are also eco-friendly. The metal is easily recycled, takes fewer man-hours to install, and reduces homeowner energy costs.

The standing seam on the metal corrugated roof systems has multiple benefits:

  1. The roof seams are located above the level of the roofing panel, away from any moisture.
  2. Fewer roof seams – as they run from the roof top to bottom.
  3. A contemporary, sleek look complements any modern or industrial building with the long, lean lines of the standing seam..
  4. A 5 Year Labor Warranty & 40 Paint Non-Fade Warranty.

Installing the new corrugated metal & standing seam roof systems can be tricky, but the professionals at Yellowhammer Roofing have the experience! Installing quality metal roofs to cover your family is part of the core values at Yellowhammer Roofing. Let us install or repair your metal roof today!


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