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Attic Insulation for Your Home

Home insulation is a major component of consistent energy savings and comfortable living. However, not all types available are suitable for the humidity of southern states.

A complete system is dependent on proper roof ventilation, attic cross-ventilation, and attic insulation. When all factors are optimized, your home’s energy efficiency can increase exponentially – even in the heat of the summer.

An effective way to boost your home’s efficiency would be to add insulation such as AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In insulation. This type comes in cellulose or fiberglass and is blown into the attic using a large machine.  The machine blows smaller pieces, filling up the gaps and providing a complete yet airy layer. Blown-in insulation is tighter and more efficient than using batts or rolls, and prevents airflow from entering the attic. It can also reduce noise transmission. A qualified roofer, like Yellowhammer Roofing, is qualified for professional installation.

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We use AttiCat® Insulation

From our many years of experience at Yellowhammer, we recommend Owens Corning’s AttiCat® Blown-in Insulation as one of the best options for Southern homes.  This insulation type utilizes loosefill Fiberglass™ for its insulating efficiency. Rather than laying batts or rolls, AttiCat® is professionally installed through a hose, enabling it to fill even the smallest of corners.

The air pockets that are formed in the installation process give the material a phenomenal insulating ability. Also, since Fiberglass does not settle over time, it maintains its efficient energy-savings R-value throughout the years.

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