High wind, hail, and storm damage are all items that are considered a roof insurance claim through your homeowners policy.  These types of claims are considered a natural disaster and are not counted against your policy rating.

The Yellowhammer team has extensive experience working with insurance adjusters.  Our knowledge of the industry allows us to guide you through the roof insurance claim process seamlessly.  Below are some of the key points during the insurance process you should be aware of:

Step #1: Roof Inspection

Call your local Yellowhammer office to set up a FREE roof inspection.  The roof inspection will allow you to see if your roof is damaged and eligible for an insurance claim.

Free Roof Inspection

Step #2: Sign Contract

If damage is found you will be submitted with a roof inspection report, estimate, and contract.  Sign, date and submit the contract to your Roofing Inspector.  You will need to notify your insurance company that Yellowhammer Roofing is installing a new roof due to storm damage.

Step #3: Title


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