Storm Restoration Tips for Your Roof

Storm Restoration Tips for Your Roof

Preparing for the worst is always the safest decision, but it is not always possible. When your roof is not equipped to handle the intensity of the storm, damage is common. Now, if a storm has recently passed through your town and has caused some serious damage to your roof, calling in a trusted contractor to talk through storm restoration options will be the best way to fix the issues for good.


Depending on the type of roof you have, and the type of storm that has hit, the damage will vary. It will help you prepare for the next storm if you understand the kinds of damage that can happen to your roof and what type of storm causes it.

Damage for Metal Roofs

Metal roofs usually get a bad reputation when it comes to storms; however, metal roofs are actually one of the most durable types of roofing when it comes to storms. If the hail that falls is large enough, it could dent or penetrate a metal roof, but in order for the damage to be sustained the hail would have to be about the size of a baseball.

If a harsh thunderstorm was the cause of the damage, extremely high speed winds could rip up the metal covering, or a tree could fall on your roof. Usually, if the tree that damaged your roof was heavy enough, a metal roof replacement should be undertaken. However, wind damage can usually be quickly repaired and your roof will function well for for years to come.

Damage for Shingle Roofs

Tough wind can send shingles flying, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. Usually, simple repairs and minimal shingle replacements can reverse the storm damage. However, if you don’t take care of the problem as soon as possible, issues with leaks and wood rot can arise and a full shingle roof replacement may have to be completed.


When you work with a hometown roofing contractor that you are comfortable with, the job goes a lot smoother. At Yellowhammer Roofing, we clean up to the best of our ability and promise to leave your home looking better than when we stepped on the property. With our professional yet down-to-earth team, we will do our best work and will explain in detail what we would recommend for your roof after a storm.

Contact us at Yellowhammer Roofing to discuss the state of your roof after recent storms.

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