What’s the line between ‘extensive repairs’ and ‘roof replacement’?

Repair or Replacement?

What factors do you use to determine if your roof is in need of extensive repairs or complete replacement?

When the roof on your Athens home suffers damage from weather or wear and tear, you’ll have to decide whether repairs will take care of the problem or if a replacement is needed.

Minor problems, such as a loose shingle or two, typically only require roof repair, but larger problems could mean costly extensive repairs or an entire replacement. Take the following factors into consideration when determining whether to spend money on having bigger roof problems fixed or replacing your roof.

Age and Condition

A newer roof that has been well-maintained can handle more damage than an older one. The older a roof is, the less cost-efficient it is to invest in a repair project.  Unfortunately, there is no magic point in a roof’s lifespan marking the transition between worthwhile repairs and a need for a replacement. Making extensive repairs will begin to play an ever-decreasing role in preventing an older roof from continuing to wear out and potentially sagging or collapsing, especially if it was already in poor shape.  As far as age or condition are concerned, consider a roof replacement on your Athens home if your roof has already seen a lot of wear and tear over the years and is nearing the end of its expected lifespan.


In most cases, damage from minor leaks can be repaired without needing to have the roof replaced. These repair jobs usually involve replacing shingles or patching up flashing in the affected area. However, if you have had a major leak that caused severe and widespread water damage or structural damage, you are most likely looking at a roof that will need to be replaced. This will enable the entire roof deck to be examined and properly waterproofed for your new roof.


With the heat that the Athens area sustains, it is important to check your shingles on a regular basis. While storms or normal wear and tear can result in a few loose shingles, heat can often cause the shingles to crack. Cracking compromises your roof’s ability to protect your home since the underlayment could be retaining moisture and deteriorating. If the underlayment has been damaged, having your roof replaced entirely, instead of having a new layer of shingles added, is a better solution.


Your budget can also be a factor in determining whether to have your roof repaired or replaced. Keep in mind that repairs are not always the more cost-effective option. If you know that additional repairs will need to be done in the near future to fully fix the roof, a roof replacement may make more sense as a long-term financial investment.

Bring in the Professionals

Determining whether roof repair or complete replacement is needed will depend on how severe the damage is and how many areas of the roof need to be fixed. Although the basics have been touched on in this article, the good news for you is: there are professionals upon whom you can depend.

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