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A steady rain has been coming down since early in the week. Since the weather forecast states clear skies for the weekend, you quickly pack up all your tailgating supplies for the big game. That is – until you notice a drip starting from the ceiling. Football fun is on hold until the roof leak is fixed.

Check Your Roof

Alabama’s cold and damp winter temperatures can cause existing shingle problems in an old or worn out roof to worsen. It is important to visually check the condition of your shingle roofing on a regular basis.

  • Are there any shingle granules in the gutter system?
  • Are shingle pieces missing?
  • Are shingles are bent over or curled up?
  • Is the roof in need of a cleaning?

Any of these signs may indicate the need for a roof repair or replacement.

Check Your Front Porch

Football season is a great time to invite guests over to your home. Make sure your front porch is cleaned, painted, and in a good state of repair. Friends and relatives will appreciate the warm welcome that they receive from the moment they walk up the front steps.

Check Your Windows

Take advantage of natural lighting and the crisp fall air by ensuring that all windows are properly cleaned and sealed.  Old windows can be upgraded to newer panes with insulated, energy-efficient glass that will maximize the homey effect in your living spaces.

Check Your Siding

Before the season is in full swing, take the time to clean or repair the siding on your home.  This extensive project is perfect for fall temperatures and gives homeowners the perfect excuse to be outside in the fresh air.

Fall Home Improvement Projects…or Football?

Football season provides an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to spend quality time together. The question is: will you have the leisure time available to spend rooting for your favorite team, or will you be busy with projects?

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