Fall Reminder: Schedule Your Annual Roof Inspection


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The fall season has arrived – along with annual maintenance and project requirements for homeowners in the Huntsville region. One of the more important action steps for homeowners is to schedule an annual roof inspection.  Here are a few reasons why this project may save your home and budget.  

Why Fall Inspections are Important

Scheduling a fall roof inspection is essential when it comes to protecting your home. Spring’s volatile weather and summer’s intense heat and  hailstorms take a toll on your home’s roof.  After the summer season has come to an end, taking the time to check for worn or damaged roof materials will help to ensure that your home remains leak-free in the upcoming months.

Be Proactive and Save Money

Your roof is easily be overlooked during winter preparations. Scheduling a professional roof inspection will help you to stay ahead of escalating damage that leads to more expensive repair or full roof replacement requirements.

Some Danger Signs

When we work with homeowners in our region, there are a few common dangers signs we watch for that require prompt repairs. Missing or damaged shingles, cracked caulking, degraded or inadequate flashing, and even sub-roofing and ventilation problems, can go unnoticed by homeowners until a major weather event causes leaks and water damage to ceilings, walls, joists and attics.

Not only is water damage unsightly, it can create mold between your walls, in your attic and throughout your ventilation system. Repairs can be very expensive, and your homeowners insurance may cover only a portion, if any, of the cost for restoration.

Local, Professional Roofers

Yellowhammer Roofing offers incredible roof repair and replacement services.  We will walk you through each option available for repairs, and make sure your roof is able to withstand anything mother nature throws your way.

Contact us to schedule your roof repair project today.

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