Does Your Shingle Roof Have a Leak?


Do you wonder whether the bowed ceiling in your house might indicate a roof leak? Most Athens residents are not aware of leaking shingle roof signs. Often a ceiling caves in before homeowners realize the problem. Learn to recognize the signs of shingle roof damage before it is too late! Check out the lists below for more information…

Signs of a Roof Leak

The signs of roof leakage are not immediately noticeable. They may take a while (even up to a few years!) to appear depending on the size of the leak.

  • Water stains – look for these on ceilings, walls, and in the attic.
  • Mold or Black Marks – Most often discovered in the attic, where the moisture from a roof leak becomes trapped and stagnant
  • Bowed Ceiling – This can occur from a roof or pipe leaking water into the structure of your home.

Detecting the early signs of roof leakage can prevent your home from sustaining extensive water damage.  Affected insulation will lose its R-value, and your home will become less energy efficient.

Common Causes of a Roof Leak

Roof leaks most frequently occur around protrusions such as skylights, chimneys and plumbing exhaust pipes, since roof seams are vulnerable. Loose, missing, or damaged shingles compromise the watertight integrity of a sloped roofing system.

Preventing Further Damage

Winter PreparationsWater damage requires a series of steps to be taken in order to ensure that further damage is prevented.  To accomplish some of these, you will need professional help:

  • All openings on your roof will need to be sealed (by a professional roofer)
  • Broken shingles will need to be replaced (also by a professional roofer)
  • Your gutters should be cleared
  • Mop up excess water in your attic
  • Make sure electrical wiring is dry (call in an electrician for this task)
  • Check for pests! (Water-loving pests such as earwigs and ants might build a nest in areas that are damaged by water.)

If you suspect you may have leakage problems, contact the professionals at Yellowhammer Roofing.  We provide top notch roof repair services for shingle roofing throughout the Athens area.

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*originally posted 1-13-15