Caring For Your Shingle Roof

when to get an inspection

When To Get An Inspection

Many Birmingham homeowners do not give their fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs more than a passing glance. Yet day in, day out, your roof is working to protect just about everything you hold dear — possessions, heirlooms, pets, and family members. Getting your roof inspected is a great way to hold onto the things you love.

When Should Your Roof Be Inspected?

Your roof may need a once-over by a trained professional, to help reassure you that the roof is intact, or to alert you that your roof needs help.

Several life events signal time for a roof inspection:

  • Severe weather, such as a hurricane, high winds, ice storm or sightings of tornadoes
  • Obvious signs of a water leak
  • Before and after renovations or home expansion
  • When buying or selling a home
  • If you spot suspicious areas on your roof

Weather Problems

Birmingham is largely spared from the rough winter weather of our northern neighbors. Yet our shingle roofs can still take a beating. The major weather-related issue with shingle roofs is wind uplift, when strong lateral winds pull shingles off their adhesive strips, allowing water to drive up under shingles.

Other weather problems:

  • High winds tear shingles or flashing loose
  • Hurricanes and tornadoes slam blunt objects against your roof, cracking and shattering shingles
  • Ice storms cause major water damage

Sure Signs

Not every homeowner knows what to look for, but trained roofing representatives do. Did you know that water can infiltrate a shingle roof and travel, against logic but in response to capillary forces, uphill? These are the types of things your roofer is trained to spot.

If you even suspect a small roofing problem, contact your local, helpful residential roofer to schedule an inspection. The roofer may find nothing. Then again, one relatively inexpensive inspection could prevent extremely expensive repair work later on.

Ignore It?

Unfortunately, too many Birmingham-area homeowners ignore obvious signs of roof distress. Ignoring a roofing problem will not make it go away. If you see signs inside your home of a roof leak, ignoring those signs will not fix the drywall, remove water from your attic, or make your roof water resistant again.

Ignoring signs of roof damage can only lead to further damage, a drop in property value, and more expensive repairs.


Yellowhammer Roofing is your reliable, local partner in residential roofing. Please contact us to discuss having one of our representatives assess your roof and suggest solutions for shingle damage, water infiltration, and other common roofing problems.

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