Careful Planning is Important When Finishing Your Home’s Attic Space

If you are considering upgrading your Athens home by finishing your attic, proper ventilation and insulation will be critical components determining the overall long-term comfort within your new living space.

Preparation is Key to a Well Designed Attic Living Space

Careful planning before beginning your home improvement project can ensure that your attic living space is protected from moisture problems and temperature fluctuations associated with poorly or improperly vented attics. Additionally, selecting attic insulation that best meets the needs of your situation will reduce energy bills while keeping your conditioned attic space comfortable.

Finished Attics Have Different Requirements Than Attics Used For Storage

P_GL_INT_00374A_h.jpgAttics intended to be finished and used for additional living space have different requirements than those used solely for storage purposes. As opposed to placing your attic insulation directly above the lower story ceiling, attics used for living space require attic insulation to be installed along the roof line while making sure to leave enough space for air to travel freely between the actual roof and the insulating material. For proper airflow, conditioned attics are required to provide continuous ventilation from your home’s eaves to the ridge vent. This design allows fresh air to enter through the soffit vents, which run along the length of your eaves, and exit through the gable vent located at the top roof line. The option of installing one or more venting skylights offers the benefits of increased ventilation in your attic space while simultaneously bringing in sunlight to an otherwise dark location. Additionally, new technologies such as solar ventilation fans can increase the comfort within a finished attic space while reducing your overall energy usage.

A Variety of Attic Insulation Options Are Available

insulationWhen installing insulation in your new living space, consider your available budget and our moderate Athens area climate before choosing between the wide variety of insulation classes available. With products ranging from traditional roll batts to expandable foam, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment that is protected from moisture while minimizing your utility bills. Upgrading your Athens home with a finished attic space is an important decision that can easily pay for itself though increased home functionality alone while increasing the monetary value of your home. Choosing the attic insulation most appropriate to each situation will ensure that your new living space remains comfortable and efficient for years to come. At Yellowhammer Roofing, we specialize in shingle and metal roof replacement and repair. When replacing your Athens home’s roof, it is a good time to think about the level of insulation in your attic space and increase or replace it. For quality, certified roof replacement and a free inspection, contact Yellowhammer Roofing. Roofing Roof Inspection