7 Home Improvement Mistakes Everyone Makes

HI mistakes - including roof repair

It’s that time of year again when you are considering home improvement and upgrades to your home or business. While you consider the options and start to plan it is very important that you keep in mind these common mistakes most homeowners make:

1. Shoddy Preparation

Being prepared for the job at hand will help to make the job go smoothly. Start with a list of everything you will need and make sure it’s handy before you undertake any home improvement task. Ask a professional if you are all unclear about any part of the job.

2. Improper Measurements

Having the correct measurements for any job is vital to the job going well. Missing the mark by even a small amount can mean a costly disaster. Take the measurements three times to be sure, or have someone double check your work.

3. Unfamiliar with Local Codes or Permits

If you are replacing a roof on your property or shingle roof repair you may have to pull a permit. Consulting a professional and being clear on what the codes are will save you costly fines, penalties, and even having to redo the job.

4. Budgeting with Cheap Materials

Materials need to last. For instance in shingle roof repair you want quality materials because a leaky roof will lead to water damage and a more expensive clean up.

5. Improper Tools

Here again you want to make sure that you have all the tools you need at the beginning. If you are in the middle of the job and need to run out to buy a new tool or one that works properly it will slow the job down.

6. Miscalculation of the Resale Value

Any improvements you make on your home will have value if done well, however if you are investing in a job because it will increase the resale value be sure by contacting more than one realtor to confirm before you build. You may not get the resale value you are looking for.

7. Lack of Safety

We saved the most important for last. Please be careful. Use safety gear like goggles and gloves. If you are getting on your roof or a ladder, be sure to have a buddy standing by just in case. It also helps to be familiar with OSHA safety requirements to know what equipment will best keep you safe. Make sure your tools are working properly and take your time.

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