5 Steps to a Long-Lasting Roof

5 steps to a better shingle roof

When you buy a new car, it comes with the expectation that the only way to keep it in a drive-able condition is by staying on top of regular maintenance and repairs.  The same is true of the roofing on your home. If you want your shingle or metal roof to last for its full projected lifespan, there are a few easy steps that you can take.

Step 1: A Better Design

If you’re just building your home, you can start by having a roof designed in a way that will make it more durable. For example, sloped roofing systems often last longer than low-slope systems simply because they can shed water and debris more easily.

Step 2: Use Quality Roofing Materials

Some types of roof materials last longer than others.  A metal roof, for example, might last twice as long as an asphalt shingle system.  However, even when comparing apples to apples, be sure to invest in higher quality products that are manufactured with better weather resistance and durability.

Step 3: Schedule Annual Roof Inspection

Inspect your roof at least once a year so you detect damage from moisture and harsh weather elements. While inspecting look out for blistering, broken, missing shingles or broken roofs and contact a professional for repairs. If you can’t do it but you feel like an inspection is long overdue, get a professional to do the inspection. Most will do the inspection free and only charge you for necessary repairs.

Step 4: Professional Roof Cleaning

Although not always necessary for every roof system, in some cases, roof cleaning can help to extend your roof’s life. Roof cleaning involves removing algae and moss that often discolor the shingles of the roof.

Step 5: Prompt Repairs

If you detect any problems with your roof, have it promptly repaired by professional contractors. Delaying to replace missing shingles can cause extensive damage. Always have your roof repaired immediately when damage is noticed to keep your home properly protected.

Always Use Local Professional Roofers

Teaming up with local, professional roofing contractors will provide you with an extensive network of resources when it comes to caring for your roofing system.  Whether your roof is composed of metal or shingles, our team at Yellowhammer Roofing can help to keep it in top condition.

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