5 Facts About Your Shingle Roof Replacement

shingle roof replacement facts

Whether you are looking at a shingle roof replacement because of extensive damage from a hailstorm or windstorm – or simply because your roofing system has exceeded its lifespan – our team at Yellowhammer roofing would like to offer 5 helpful facts to keep in mind. 

1. Your Insurance Plays a Big Role in a Shingle Roof Replacement

Your homeowner’s insurance premiums are affected by the condition of your roof.  Cost for roof damage repair may be recouped using your policy’s coverage, as may part of a roof replacement. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to make sure that the proper documentation is obtained so that your new roof replacement is recorded with your insurance company, effectively lowering your premiums for years to come.

2. Roof Inspections are an Important Prequel

Make a roof inspection by a trusted local roofing contractor one of the first steps you take when you begin researching your roof replacement.  A roof inspection will help you understand exactly why your current roof is failing, the extent of the replacement that will need to be undertaken (Shingles and underlayment? Sheathing?), and give you a price range that you can begin budgeting towards.

3. Your Roofing Contractor Should be Carefully Chosen

Anytime you are having roof work done, be sure that the roofer you chooses has years of experience, a local address, and is properly licensed and insured.  Although even the best roofer may receive a bad review, keep an eye on their BBB ratings and Angie’s List reviews to find out if they are consistently praised or verbally attacked by their previous clients.

4. A Warranty Coverage Will Protect Your Roofing Investment

At Yellowhammer, we always repair shingle roofs with the highest quality of products so that your roof is constructed properly. Purchasing a warranty for your roofing system will help ensure that your investment is protected, in the event of manufacturing defect.

5. Some Roofing Systems are Made to Last Decades

The quality of your shingle manufacturer and style matters.  Cheaper shingles are an attractive choice for many homeowners, who reason “I’ll probably be out of this house by the time the roof wears out again.” This may be true.  However, choosing high quality shingles comes with a variety of perks: a longer lifespan, a better warranty (some warranties will cover a shingle roof for up to 50 years), and less maintenance/repair requirements. Take some time to sit down with a knowledgeable roofing contractor to discuss the roofing shingles he or she recommends, as well as the particular needs of your household and budget.

If you need help with shingle roofing replacement or repairs in Huntsville or the surrounding area, contact our team at Yellowhammer Roofing.

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