4 Signs Your Roof is in Need of Repair

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The roof of your home requires ongoing maintenance and repairs to stay in top condition. Annual roof inspections and prompt repairs, performed by a reputable roofing contractor, are the best ways to keep it structurally sound and avoid later, costlier fixes. There are many trouble signs to watch for, some worse than others.

1. Accumulation of Moisture

Moisture creates mildew, which rots out the wood decking, and, when left too long, damages the insulation underneath. Mildew becomes obvious when you’re looking for it, but, on a dark roof, you may not see it.

Moisture also attacks roofs from the inside, if there’s moisture present in a badly ventilated attic—it builds up, speeding up wood decay in the rafters and sheathing. Having larger or extra vents installed will ease this situation. If you find any leaks in your attic, have the problem addressed immediately, as it will only get worse.

2. Shingle Deterioration

home-roofinspAnother bad sign of roof decay is shingle deterioration.

Old, worn out shingles curl up, split, and cease to be waterproof. Compromised shingles can blow off the roof, or be torn off by bad weather (high winds, thunderstorms).

The exposed areas underneath will rot, and interior damage can result.

3. Overhanging Trees

Overgrown trees leaning over your roof are another issue—errant tree limbs can puncture or damage the roof and leaves can block gutters and their downspout systems, potentially leading to water backing up under the shingles.

Call in a professional to trim trees back. This will prevent damage to your roof and gutters.

4. Wind Damage to Your Roof

estimate pictures 071Shingles, nails, and other roofing materials can be loosened by wind. When this happens, even a moderate wind can cause shingles to lift, or even fly off, causing minor or major damage to your home’s roof.

Frequent Inspections

To prevent your roofing system from sustaining damage, it is a good idea to utilize a trusted, local contractor for an annual inspection.

At Yellowhammer Roofing, we will work with you to find the right solution to any problems.

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