What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate And Inspection

What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate And Inspection

You know you need to get your roof repaired or replaced. You are doing the smart thing and talking with several roofing companies about the issue.

However, you aren’t a roofing professional and may not know what to expect. Let’s look at what you can do to get a proper estimate from each contractor.

A Competent Inspection

If a contractor pulls up to your home and looks at your roof from the ground for a couple of minutes, then turns and gives you an estimate, be careful about hiring that company. A cursory inspection from ground level doesn’t usually provide enough information for a proper estimate.

The roofing inspector should use a ladder to get up on the roof for a closer look. He may want to inspect the attic space for leaks or check around a chimney for water penetration. This type of inspection helps determine if the problem is isolated to one area or if the entire roof is in need of replacement.

What Questions To Ask During A Roof Inspection?

There are certain questions you will need to get answers from each roofing contractor. Here are the most important ones. (The answer should be yes to all of these).

  • Are you licensed? Do not hire a contractor who cannot produce a valid license for your town or county.
  • Do you carry workman’s compensation insurance? If the contractor doesn’t have this type of insurance, and one of the workers is hurt on the job, you may be liable for the medical bills.
  • Do you carry liability insurance? Accidents happen on work sites. If your property is damaged, liability insurance will cover the costs. Ask to see an insurance certificate showing current coverage.
  • Do you plan on removing the old roof? Removing the old shingles ensures that any underlying damage is found and fixed before the new roof goes down. It can also be a determining factor for the warranty you get on your new roof.
  • Will you bring a dumpster on-site for the roofing debris? If the contractor will be removing your old roof or will have debris from the project, they usually include this cost in his estimate. Be sure to ask!

Another topic to cover with the contractor is the warranty on the new roof. It should be at least 25 years and the contractor should have the warranty information readily available.

Get a Written Estimate

The contractor should offer a written estimate detailing all aspects of the job, from removing the old roof to replacing rotted decking to installing the new roof shingles. If you need an estimate on roof repairs or replacement, call Yellowhammer Roofing today.