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Home Attic Insulation- Do It Yourself Or Time To Call The Professionals?

Dusty, cramped, stuffy, and congested, the attic is not the most welcoming place in your home. But that’s no call to ignore it. The attic is vital in keeping your home safe and comfortable – if adequately insulated.  

But who installs insulation in attics? Should you do it yourself or hire a professional roofer? As tempting as it might be to go the DIY route, you should leave it to the professionals. Most homeowners don’t understand that insulating an attic takes extensive skills and knowledge. 

Attempting to do it yourself may fail to improve your home’s indoor air or, at worst, lead to extensive damage.  

Professional Attic Insulation in Alabama 

In Alabama, attic insulation keeps your expensive, heated air from escaping your home during winter. It also keeps the hot air from invading your remarkably cooled home in the summer. The Federal Energy Star program rates Alabama a Tier 3 region. You need an R30 to R60 attic insulation to keep your home warm and comfortable. 

You can count on our expert installation if you don’t have that much insulation in your home. Yellow Hammer Roofing experts will install or upgrade your attic insulation with Owens Corning’s AttiCat® Blown-in Insulation. Our experts will first determine the current state of your attic insulation before making a recommendation. 

Working with a skilled, reliable local insulation installer to upgrade your attic insulation gets you the best results and saves you money. Our experts will: 

  • Measure and assess your attic’s insulation needs
  • Determine the best type of insulation 
  • Recommend where to pad the insulation 
  • Carry out professional installation

Benefits of Good Attic Insulation 

Proper attic insulation keeps your home cozy and comfortable across all four seasons. Other benefits of hiring a professional roofer to insulate your attic including:  

  • Lower energy bills: An under-insulated attic allows hot air to escape during winter and hot air to enter your home in summer. Unregulated airflow overworks your AC and drives up your energy bills. Proper attic insulation regulates the airflow and lowers your energy bills. 
  • Stems air leakage: Unwanted air leaks through the walls, ceilings, and floors can raise your home heating costs by 40%. Proper attic insulation controls air leakages and lowers your utility costs. 
  • Improved air quality: A well-insulated attic spaces keep air pollutants such as radon, dirt, mold, and smoke from penetrating your home. It allows you and your family to breathe clean indoor air and protects your health. 
  • Increased home value: Installing high R-value insulation in your attic improves your home value. It’s a strong selling point because the home buyer is assured of lower energy costs, clean indoor air, and usable attic space. 
  • Protects your roof: Properly insulating your attic protects your roof from ice dam damage. Ice dams can ruin your roof and cause you to incur thousands of dollars in damage.

Why Hire a Roofing Contractor to Insulate Your Attic


However, you’re better off hiring a reliable, local insulation installer to handle the job for many reasons, including: 

  • Follow local building codes: A professional ensures your home conforms with the local building and safety codes. They’ll inspect your attic and recommend the best solution. 
  • In-depth knowledge: A skilled roofer can help you save money while providing a permanent solution. They can quickly identify your insulation problems, recommend affordable solutions, and get you the best ROI.
  • Quality work: It takes skills and experience to insulate small, tight spaces such as attics. A professional installation means using the correct type of insulation in the right amounts. Firm insulation means it’ll never shift and damage your home. A professional installation saves you money since the insulation will serve you for years. 

Dangers of Not Hiring a Roofing Professional 

It’s tempting to go the DIY route when you wish to upgrade your insulation. However, doing your own insulation installation, as well as working with an unskilled roofer, can be equally as disastrous: 

  • An inexperienced roofer may botch the insulation, forcing it to settle or fall through after a while. 
  • A DIY roofer may overlook glaring insulation problems such as mold, mildew, or settling and add new insulation, which isn’t recommended. 
  • Inexperienced roofers may not understand laminar airflow and how to install insulation to complement your roof. 
  • DIY insulation installers tend to over-insulate the attic, thinking more is always better. Over-insulation stifles airflow and ruins indoor air quality.   
  • An inexperienced roofer may fail to protect your attic insulation from moisture and rodents, which may cause the insulation material to deteriorate rapidly.
  • Unskilled roofers could lead you to violate the law. The insulation may not conform with the local building codes or match the required R-value.

Hire a Professional Roofer to Insulate Your Attic

Don’t take chances when you need to install or upgrade your attic insulation. At Yellow Hammer, our team comprises skilled and licensed roofers experienced in insulating attics in Alabama. Everyone we send to your home is a professional roofer who installs insulation in attics in Alabama. 

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, you can count on our professionalism, expertise, and experience to complete the job. Our skilled technicians are quick and efficient with every attic installation job. Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable in your own home. Contact us today at Yellowhammer Roofing to learn more about Owens Corning’s AttiCat® Blown-in Insulation. Let us help transform your home.

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