Dangers Of Mold: Why You Need A Roof Inspection NOW

Kids are wonderful. They’ll ask, “Why is the sky blue?” and “What causes rain?” Has a kid ever asked, “How fast does mold grow after a water leak?” Not likely, but it is a crucial question, right alongside “Why is mold in the home dangerous?” […]

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3 Preventable Disasters To Avoid By Not Ignoring A Leaky Roof

Some things are best left alone. Cottonmouth snakes, for example. What happens if you ignore a cottonmouth? It goes about its day, and you go about yours; no harm, no foul. Some things need attention, like a leaky roof. What happens if you ignore a leaky roof? […]

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13 Questions You Should Ask Your Roofer

You know you need a roofing contractor, but how do you know you are contracting with a good one? The question nags at you, “What questions should I ask my roofer?” With quality roofers, though, the question might better be, “How can my roofing company prove it is the right contractor for me?” […]

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How To Get Roofing Services The Yellowhammer Way

How often do you turn down free stuff? You are in a discount outlet store and someone offers you a tasty, free sample. You are in the grocery store and a promoter gives you a free box of detergent. Who would not want a free roof inspection? Yellowhammer Roofing offers free roof inspections for the same reason Costco gives away food or grocers give away detergent — we want you as a loyal customer! […]

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Why Roofing Manufacturer Credentials Matter in a Big Way

The biggest names in roofing — GAF and Owens Corning — are powerhouses in the building supplies sector. They produce outstanding roofing materials of uniformly superior quality. They entrust those materials to residential and commercial roofers. How can these companies ensure the quality of their products, after they leave their factories? […]

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How to Be Your Roofer’s Best Friend Forever

Even as adults, we crave acceptance. We want people to like us, often in the worst of times. Be your roofer’s BFF during the hectic aftermath of storms by taking a few precautionary steps. Why do you want to be your roofer’s BFF? Because your roof protects just about everything you own. A storm’s damage can ruin not just your roof, but your belongings as well. […]

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3 Benefits Of Hiring An OC Platinum Preferred Contractor

All major manufacturers of roofing materials warrant, or insure, their products against factory defects. With modern industrial processes, though, claims for these problems are rare. More important than looking only at warranties is checking all aspects of a contractor. A good place to start is with the requirements to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. […]

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Why You Want Your Roofer to Clean Up After the Job

If you’re planning to replace the roof on your Athens-area home, you might think it’s inevitable that a roofing company will leave you with a mess and damage to your property and landscaping. It’s perfectly reasonable to want your roofer to clean up after the job, because it not only shows respect, it tells you a lot about their company ethos and workmanship. If you use cleanliness as one of your top criteria when you’re vetting companies and speaking with previous customers, you can weed out the careless ones and find a roofing contractor who: […]

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