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How To Boost The Length Of Your Roof Warranty

A roof warranty is a type of insurance policy. It insures your roof against manufacturer’s defects — and sometimes against installer’s errors — for a limited time. The weaker the warranty, the shorter the time. Is paying extra for a better warranty worthwhile?  […]

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How To Tell Hail Damage Totaled Your Roof

Alabama is blessed to have very little snow, but this doesn’t mean our great state is free of ice. Hail, sleet’s much bigger brother, regularly peppers the state with damaging force. According to StormerSite, the city of Birmingham has had 77 reports of hail since 2004. Hail can not only dent cars and ruin landscaping; it can destroy a roof.  […]

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Behind The Scenes Of How Long Your Roof Replacement Takes

The word “average” is an interesting word. If you have two people in a room and one has $2 and the other has $98, on average they each have $50. While the average new residential roof takes about a day to install, that does not mean your roof will take one working day. Your roof replacement could be longer. So, how long does roof replacement take? […]

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How To Choose The Best Residential Roofing Contractor

What are the hallmarks of the best residential roofing contractor? Should you look for a local address, manufacturers’ credentials, neighbors’ testimonials, or anything else? What makes one residential roofing contractor stand above the rest? This is not an academic question if your home needs roof repair, maintenance, or full roof replacement.  […]

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How To Get Roofing Services The Yellowhammer Way

How often do you turn down free stuff? You are in a discount outlet store and someone offers you a tasty, free sample. You are in the grocery store and a promoter gives you a free box of detergent. Who would not want a free roof inspection? Yellowhammer Roofing offers free roof inspections for the same reason Costco gives away food or grocers give away detergent — we want you as a loyal customer! […]

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What You Need to Know about Correct Commercial Insulation

Insulation in commercial roofs contributes to the energy efficiency and proper drainage of your company’s facilities. Very often, the insulation must be shaped to provide the vital low-slope pitch needed for speedy drainage. Choose a roofer who knows commercial roofing and you will be sure your commercial insulation is done correctly.  […]

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What You Need to Know About Shingles and Commercial Roofs

Not every commercial building is a warehouse. Many Main Street businesses seek to reproduce the homey charm of a Dutch Colonial, Tudor, or Victorian house. For these styles of a commercial building, only shingles will do.  […]

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Why Roofing Manufacturer Credentials Matter in a Big Way

The biggest names in roofing — GAF and Owens Corning — are powerhouses in the building supplies sector. They produce outstanding roofing materials of uniformly superior quality. They entrust those materials to residential and commercial roofers. How can these companies ensure the quality of their products, after they leave their factories? […]

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